This is Simon. I’m a Berlin based Art Director with a high passion for solid visual languages and a straight forward approach to multidisciplinary design.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been working both as freelance designer and full time employee for established design agencies in Germany as well as in Switzerland. In 2013 I’ve started my independent career as a freelance art director and worked on selected projects all over the world. I gained solid experiences in many areas of visual design and improved my skills as an art director. While I developed a unique and highly personal visual language, I put my clients first and my major objective is to find the most suitable solution for my client’s needs.

I’m always looking for interesting projects to further developing my skill set and master challenging tasks in creating identities, print design and web. In addition to my independent work I’ve been teaming up with art and design collectives like Mentalgassi or I-am-Studio.

I welcome you to my personal website and am happy to introduce you to my work. If you have further questions or projects you like to discuss feel free to contact me anytime. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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My Services

Art Direction, Illustration, Infographics, Print Design, Branding & Identity, Screen Design

Selected Clients

Red Bull, Converse, Amnesty International, Goethe Institut, Universal Music, Sony Music, Virgin Music, BMW, Bosch, Mini, Peta, Der Spiegel


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